Learning to Play Golf on Holiday


Posted by admin | Posted in Golf | Posted on 28-12-2017

Golf is a game that can be enjoyed all over the world. It is something that people will be able to play wherever they are, and people who love golf will always find ways to play as well! If you are going to learn to play golf, why not do it on holiday?

Lots of places in Europe are known for the quality of their golf. They offer golfing courses and holidays to people of all levels, so if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to find lessons at the right standard for you.

If may be worth taking some lessons before you go on holiday, to make sure you have the basics under you belt. This will help you to pick up the game more quickly. Book yourself onto a golfing course and take some lessons, then see if you can play a few competitive games to test your new skills.

How to Book your Next Holiday


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The great thing about planning a holiday is that there are lots of different ways to book it. You have a range of options to consider, depending on what you want to get out of the holiday and the experience you would like to have whilst booking it.

The most traditional way to book a holiday is with a travel agent. They will do all the planning for you (or as much as you would like them to do, anyway) and if you are opting for a package, they will run through the options with you and help you find flights at the right time. This may suit you if you have children or if you are really short of time.

The cheapest way to book a holiday is using the internet. You can search through all of the low-cost sites, so if money is the most important factor, think about using the internet to book.

Planning a Trip to Portugal


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Portugal is a beautiful part of the world and you will find plenty of places to enjoy. As a family, a couple or a group of friends, there will be lots you can take away from a Portugese holiday. Here are some recommendations for your trip:

  • Spend some time in Lisbon. This stunning capital city boasts wonderful architecture, lovely squares and lots of good food. Wherever you might be going in Portugal, make sure you spend some time in Lisbon. You won’t regret it.
  • Go to the Algarve. Perfect for golfing, beach holidays and exploring, the Algarve is a beautiful stretch of coastline. Enjoy some of the world-class beaches or go out on a boat trip.
  • Visit some of the smaller towns and villages. This is where you are going to get a feel for the real Portugal. Many are still quite traditional and if you go inland a little, you’ll find plenty of interesting culture.

Going on Holiday to Greece


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Greece is a destination that just keeps on getting better. Tourism hasn’t ruined it at all – though some of the islands have carved out a reputation for themselves as places to party for younger people and they might not appeal to everyone. There is something for everyone in Greece, whatever you might want your holiday to be.

Much of Greece is very beautiful and there are some stunning beaches and coastal resorts to explore. You could try staying on an island like Santorini or Corfu if you want a beautiful backdrop to your holiday.

There are also lots of activities you can do. If you’re interested in history and culture, visit Crete or Athens and explore ancient temples and ruins.

If you like walking and hiking, explore some of the scenery and see more of Greece. There are trails you can walk on your own easily and you can see lots of wildlife.

How to Enjoy a Golfing Holiday With the Whole Family


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A golf holiday is probably your dream vacation if you love golf. What better way to spend your days than amongst lush green golf courses, surrounded by your favourite sport. The trouble comes when not everybody in the family is quite as keen on golf as you are. Here are some ideas:

  • Stay in, or close to, a golf resort. There are some really lovely ones in places like the Algarve. Choose a resort that is close to beaches and has pools and good accommodation to keep your family entertained.
  • Make sure there are other activities in the area. Look for places close to towns and beaches so your family have plenty to do during the day.
  • Get your family some golf lessons. You never know, you may be able to enjoy a golf holiday with your children in the future. Introduce them with some lessons and some quality time on the golf course.