Going on Holiday to Greece


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Greece is a destination that just keeps on getting better. Tourism hasn’t ruined it at all – though some of the islands have carved out a reputation for themselves as places to party for younger people and they might not appeal to everyone. There is something for everyone in Greece, whatever you might want your holiday to be.

Much of Greece is very beautiful and there are some stunning beaches and coastal resorts to explore. You could try staying on an island like Santorini or Corfu if you want a beautiful backdrop to your holiday.

There are also lots of activities you can do. If you’re interested in history and culture, visit Crete or Athens and explore ancient temples and ruins.

If you like walking and hiking, explore some of the scenery and see more of Greece. There are trails you can walk on your own easily and you can see lots of wildlife.

How to Enjoy a Golfing Holiday With the Whole Family


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A golf holiday is probably your dream vacation if you love golf. What better way to spend your days than amongst lush green golf courses, surrounded by your favourite sport. The trouble comes when not everybody in the family is quite as keen on golf as you are. Here are some ideas:

  • Stay in, or close to, a golf resort. There are some really lovely ones in places like the Algarve. Choose a resort that is close to beaches and has pools and good accommodation to keep your family entertained.
  • Make sure there are other activities in the area. Look for places close to towns and beaches so your family have plenty to do during the day.
  • Get your family some golf lessons. You never know, you may be able to enjoy a golf holiday with your children in the future. Introduce them with some lessons and some quality time on the golf course.

Low-Cost Holiday Destinations this Summer


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Holidays don’t have to cost a small fortune. It’s possible to take the whole family away on a holiday without having to spend too much money on the trip. If you’re looking for some low-cost holiday destinations this summer, have a look through this list:

• Spain. There are many holiday packages to Spain that can be bought for a very low price. You can even get all-inclusive holidays that include food as well.
• France. France is cheap because it is easy and quick to reach. Rather than flying, why not think about taking the Channel Tunnel or the Eurostar?
• Greece. Go to Greece on a low-cost flight and book the trip in advance to get the most reasonable prices you can.
• Poland. If you fancy a city break, why not think about the Polish capital of Warsaw? Flights are usually very reasonable to this destination when you travel all year round.

Biking Through Salcey Forest


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If you have kids and are looking for an Autumn activity for them to get stuck into on the weekends, then a visit to Salcey Forest is a must.

There are lots of great trails to explore both cycling and walking through a vast and beautiful forest, and you can even stop off at Treetop Walk and follow the walkways to the very top and see the forest from above the tops of the trees; it’s a spectacular sight if you love nice views.

Most of the trails are perfectly suited for biking and you can cycle for miles around the trails and have some fun.

They have a small play park near the cafe for the kids to entertain themselves on when you want a small break, and an ice-cream parlour on the side of the cafe if refreshments are required.

Enjoy Golf Holidays in the Algarve


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No holiday can be as full of fun as staying in Algarve golf holiday apartments. This area is at the southernmost part of Portugal and was the last portion of land that the Portuguese king liberated from the hands of Moors. You can see the remnants of Moorish culture and traditions everywhere. Algarve has become famous for some things that go hand in hand like mountain ranges and beautiful sea beaches, cliffs overlooking the sea and lovely golf courses.

Place to stay

You can choose any Algarve golf holiday apartments. Both villas and holiday apartments provide modern amenities that can make your stay here as comfortable as possible. A large number of the villas in Algarve are located in secluded places that are calm and peaceful. The apartments have 2 or 3 spacious bedrooms, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms and balconies and everything that you can wish for in a holiday. There are landscaped gardens, play areas for children and golf courses for the grown-ups. Lovely beaches and beautiful cliffs add to the popularity of the place. When it is cold in Europe, it is warm in Algarve.

Accommodation in Portugal

Staying in Algarve region during your holidays can be highly satisfactory when you arrange a place to stay in a golf apartment. The apartments are spacious with all modern fixtures and fittings. The bed and breakfast offered the tourists can hardly be found in any other place in the world. The tourists have a choice of having dinner at the holiday apartments, or they can go out for dinner at any of local restaurants that offer excellent and tasty local food.

Advantages of Algarve Apartments

You can have great fun during your stay in the apartments offered by Holiday Rentals Algarve. The apartments have two to three bedrooms, large lounges, kitchen and large balconies. The apartments are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, swimming pools and play areas for children. Tourists can enjoy playing golf on some of the best golf courses in the world. The amenities available at the apartments include satellite TVs. Some of them are located very near the airport. A combination of mountain ranges, cliffs and beaches make Algarve on the world’s most popular tourist spot. Often visitors, who come to this place for one or two days, extend their stay by a week to take in all the things that Algarve has to offer.

Staying in Albufeira

The location of Albufeira is the Faro district of Algarve in southern Portugal. It is located on the coast and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Accommodation can be arranged with the help of holiday rentals Portugal Albufeira. The apartments in Albufeira are so spacious that up to seven people can sleep in them. Landscaped gardens and swimming pools create a luxurious environment. The beach, the bars and restaurants, the shopping malls are all within walking distance of the apartments.

Now be it for golfing or water sports adventures, an unforgettable holidaying experience can only be achieved with staying for a week or two in Algarve golf holiday apartments.